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The village : Manufacturing of models of boats

We are manufacturers of models of boats of any kinds. For an idea present or decoration or the others else, except what we propose we realize any commands of your own inspiration.
Artisanat - Artcraft de Madagascar - Le guide
Madagascar est clbre pour la minutie et le talent de ses artisans. Un tour dans l'un des marchs artisanaux d'Antananarivo donne un aperu de la richesse de ce secteur, dont la crativit tire le meilleur de tous les supports possibles: le bois et les autres vgtaux, les minerais, la peau et la corne de zbu, les tissus, etc...
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The village : Manufacturing of models of boats

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Le village
Mr Herv Scrive - Tl:(020) 22 451 97 - Fax: (020) 22 451 97
BP 874 - Antananarivo 101 - MADAGASCAR

To satisfy you, We invite you to consult catalogs to see our products or visit quickly our studio of manufacturing. You can even know where are our shops and our retailers .

Indeed all the site is at your disposal for all the information which you wish to have.
Model Ships

Our "Village" is in fact a warm place in a country based on the quality of human relationships and the art of taking ones time and the pleasure of having well done work.

started in Madagascar since 1992, professionals, model makers from 19 years, suppliers of many Embassies, of the Oceanographical Museum of Monaco and of collectors and numerous demanding amateurs.
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